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Peak Brain

Davinci Neuroscience is pioneering Multisensory solutions that enhance brain performance, emotional well-being, and sensory integration.

Founded by experts in neuroscience and technology, our mission is to unlock the full potential of human cognition and emotion through innovative sensory experiences.

Discover Davinci Calm and Flow, our flagship product, designed to bring tranquility, focus, and enhanced perception into your daily life.

Redefining your sensory experience

Key Attributes:

Innovative Technology: Utilizing groundbreaking research to create multisensory experiences that improve cognitive function and emotional health.

Versatile Applications: From wellness and workplace productivity, to defense and entertainment, our technology is adaptable across various industries.

Science-Driven: Our approach is rooted in over a decade of neuroscience research, ensuring that our solutions are both effective and transformative. Launched after field and clinical testing with over 1,000 users that encountered intense events.

Calm and Flow

calm and flow woman for davinci

Embrace a new dimension of well-being with the Davinci Calm and Flow, designed to enhance neuro-wellness.    

Experience based on a single sense can be effective in reducing emotional arousal and increase valence. Multisensory experiences, integrating two or more different senses significantly enhance the experience and its impact on one’s emotional state.

The patented Calm and Flow technology provides a multisensory stimulation that combines both audio and touch. In our initial launch, curated musical tracks are algorithmically selected according to emotional and cognitive goals, and are integrated with a synchronized music-based tactile stimulus (vibration) that is processed and optimized for touch by a unique audio-to-tactile conversion algorithm. The stimulus is delivered actuators held or worn by the user (and/or placed over the body).

The Calm and Flow multisensory stimulation significantly enhances the cognitive and emotional impact of music, supporting the regulation of current emotional state, and further sharpens the mind.

A few examples:

Significant enhancement of emotional valence, and decreased state anxiety within 10 minutes.

Effect is further 2.5 time stronger when the user chooses his/her own tracks.

DALL·E 2024-03-21 20.24.52 - A visually striking image showing a person in a serene pose, holding a multisensory device similar to Davinci's Calm and Flow in their hands. The pers

Industry Specific Solutions

spa DALL·E 2024-03-21 20.25.11 - A wellness spa setting where clients are engaging with the Calm and Flow device as part of their treatment experience. The spa is serene and beautiful

Wellness and Healthcare

Embrace a new dimension of well-being with Davinci Neuroscience’s Calm and Flow, designed to enhance relaxation and therapeutic processes. In wellness centers and therapeutic settings, our device integrates seamlessly, providing a unique tool for stress reduction, emotional balance, and enhanced mental clarity. Discover how our partnerships in the wellness and health industry are setting new standards for holistic care.

workplace Productivity

Our technology fosters an environment of focused calm, enabling employees to achieve their highest potential. Ideal for office settings, remote work, and creative studios, Calm and Flow is the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and well-being in the workplace.

DALL·E 2024-03-21 20.25.16 - Visualization of defense personnel using the Calm and Flow device to maintain composure and readiness in high-stress scenarios. The setting is a simul

Defense and Security

Calm and Flow aids in maintaining peak performance under pressure, enhancing situational awareness and emotional regulation during critical missions. Discover the impact of our multisensory solutions on preparedness and resilience of individuals and groups in high-stress environments.

Entertainment and Gaming

Step into the next era of entertainment with Davinci Neuroscience, where sound and touch merge to create immersive experiences. Whether enhancing the depth of music, adding dimension to gaming, or transforming virtual reality, Calm and Flow opens new avenues of sensory exploration. Explore our partnerships in the entertainment industry and how they’re changing the way we experience digital media.

Hearing Impairment

Davinci Neuroscience’s technology offers a groundbreaking approach to enhancing communication and spatial awareness for individuals with hearing impairments. By integrating tactile feedback with auditory cues, our technology provides a new layer of perception, facilitating richer interactions and connections.

For example, we already shown the ability to have patients with cochlear implants reach spatial detection similar to healthy individuals within less than 1 hour. 

Learn how our innovations are opening up new possibilities for those with hearing challenges.  

High resolution

Patented methods of multisensory communication to the brain.

Touch Controls

A combination of touch, sound and visuals to enable more effective and enjoyable learning, performance enhancement and general wellness.

Easy To Use

Deep neuroscience delivered via an easy to use interface.

Designed for Flexibility

A technology platform designed from the ground up as scalable and future proof.

How often do you use your eyes, ears and fingers? your brain?

Imagine A platform Leveraging your senses to enhance your performance