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Davinci introduces a new way to experience the senses and communicate information in a variety of settings and industries. Our platform personalizes multi sensory stimulations for different settings and industries, offering a new way of communicating with the brain.     

Davinci was created by Professor Amir Amedi, the head of the Ivcher Brain Cognition and Technology (BCT) Institute at Reichman University, and by Dr. oren Fuerst, a serial tech entrepreneur.

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Our first product is "Calm and Flow"

 Calm and Flow is based on our platform and was created as a rapid response to a need for relaxation, attention and resilience by large populations suffering from anxiety and reduced neuro-performance following the October 2023 events in Israel. It is now available for initial deployments as a neuro-enhancement tool for the general population, and in particular for office and production line workers, students, and as part of a holistic mental treatment.

Neuro scientific studies indicate that an experience based on a single sense can be effective in reducing emotional arousal. However multisensory experiences, which integrate two or more different senses significantly enhance the experience and its impact on one’s emotional state. The technology provides a multisensory stimulation that combines both audio and touch. Specifically, existing musical tracks are algorithmically selected according to emotional and cognitive goals, and are integrated with a synchronized music-based tactile stimulus (vibration) that is processed and optimized for touch by a unique audio-to-tactile conversion algorithm. The stimulus is delivered by two or more actuators held by the user (and/or placed over the body). This unique multisensory stimulation significantly enhances the musical experience, supporting the regulation of current emotional state, and the connection of body and mind. 

High resolution

Patented methods of multisensory communication to the brain.

Touch Controls

A combination of touch, sound and visuals to enable more effective and enjoyable learning, performance enhancement and general wellness.

Easy To Use

Deep neuroscience delivered via an easy to use interface.

Designed for Flexibility

A technology platform designed from the ground up as scalable and future proof.

Go Beyond Anything You Ever Experisensed.

Designed for Professionals and consumers

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