The amazing world of the senses

Davinci introduces a new way to experience the senses and communicate information in a variety of settings and industries. Our platform personalizes multi sensory stimulations for different settings and industries, offering a new way of communicating with the brain.     

Based on research conducted at the Ivcher the Brain Cognition and Technology (BCT) Institute at Reichman University. Recipient of multiple European union awards.

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High resolution

Patented methods of multisensory communication to the brain.

Touch Controls

A combination of touch, sound and visuals to enable more effective and enjoyable learning, performance enhancement and general wellness.

Easy To Use

Deep neuroscience delivered via an easy to use interface.

Designed for Flexibility

A technology platform designed from the ground up as scalable and future proof.

Go Beyond Anything You Ever Experisensed.

Designed for Professionals and consumers

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How often do you use your eyes, ears and fingers? your brain?

Imagine A platform useful in Almost any scenario













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